Traffic Records System Suite


Crash Reporting Software (CRS) is LLT’s data collection and transmission software for creating, transmitting and managing crash reports electronically. CRS has an integrated map interface in order to collect geo-coded crash location information for later analysis. The system also includes full crash case management which gives supervisors the ability to approve or flag crash reports for officer revisions. Some of the software's other key features include:

  • Full crash scene diagramming
  • Allows officers to electronically create and print crash reports at the scene
  • Automatically transmits crash reports to local police departments
  • Transmits completed crash reports to the state's central repository
  • Can interface with a state's DMV to automatically retreive and auto-populate the citation with up-to-date driver and vehicle information
  • Optional Active Directory Single Sign-On Security


ECitation software is LLT's comprehensive electronic ticketing tool which gives officer's in the field the ability to create and issue printed citations electronically. The interface is optimized to take advantage of touch screens computers and tablets. Since a consistant network connection is not always available in the field, the system is designed to function in both a connected and disconnected environment. Other features include

  • Automatic transmission of citation data to the local police department's central database
  • Interfaces with 3rd party court case management systems including Justware and legacy systems written for the AS400
  • Can interface with a state's DMV to automatically retrieve and auto-populate the citation with up-to-date driver and vehicle information
  • Optional Active Directory Single Sign-On Security


LLT’s RAMP is a secure web-based system for crash report investigation. Users can search for crash reports for review and safely amend crash reports multiple times knowing that each amendment and the original crash report is stored separately in a secure database. RAMP also allows authorized users to print reports from the central database and manage the status of a crash report by re-opening the report after it has been sent to records, marking a report as needing further investigation, and allowing investigators to add supplemental notes following their investigation.


Grant Electronic Tracking System


GETS is highly customizable and flexible web-based software suite which provides complete grant management and tracking. The software guides grant managers through the entire grant cycle: from applying for the grant, to allocating grant funds, and tracking and creating on demand reports on how program or project money is being spent. The system also allows programs and projects to be created and awarded to sub-grantees. The sub-grantee module allows sub-grantees who have been awarded projects the ability to create invoices online and submit them to the project manager, who can then track a sub-grantee's progress and process payments.


Online System for Crash Analysis & Reporting


OSCAR is a LLT's comprehensive set of web-based data analysis and reporting tools. OSCAR is capable of generating reports that include crash data linked with citation information, roadway information and elements and injury data from emergency medical systems. OSCAR also includes advanced user management tools making traffic safety data reports available to authorized users who have access to the local Intranet. Generated reports can be printed, saved to HTML, or exported to Microsoft Excel, PDF and other available formats for further analysis, graphing, and presentations. OSCAR uses “Single Sign-On” security which ties into existing Active Directory domains for authentication.


Roadway Information Management System


LLT’s RIMS software runs off a custom backed geo-database, allowing users to manage and maintain a complete roadway inventory. The system assists users in managing roadway assets (signs, traffic lights, fire hydrants, manholes, etc.), creating pavement inspection data for create capital improvement programs, and generating complex reports.  Key aspects of the system include:

  • The centralization of all roadway and associated roadway data into a single data store, allowing for proper management, maintenance plans, and data backup routes.
  • Automated transmission of electronically gathered geo-coded field to a centralized geo-database.
  • Integration of detailed pavement information.
  • Advanced roadway data reporting and analysis tools with integrated crash and citation data that will meet the performance demands required for generating roadway analysis reports.
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